clic SURFACE looks almost identical to clic.  However, with clic SURFACE you do not require window beading to fit the blind.  This allows the blind to be installed onto windows with wooden frames and all windows where the seal is not present or not substantial enough to fit clic or any other ‘bead-fit’ product.

The design emphasizes simplicity.  clic SURFACE blinds are fully tensioned and sit close to the glass panels.  Installation is straightforward; four ‘L’ shape brackets slot into the blind’s side profile.  The blind’s head and bottom rail fit securely onto each bracket.

clic SURFACE; The most user-friendly and versatile surface-fit blind for all windows that requires no drilling, screws or even a window bead!


The blind projects 35mm out from the glass to the front of the folded operating handle, important for bifold door operation.


The Clic SURFACE system is a non-motorised product.


The Clic SURFACE system is available in Pleated, Honeycomb & Venetian Blinds.

Honeycomb fabrics are fast becoming the window covering of choice due to their unparalleled insulating characteristics.  The Apollo and Apollo Blackout fabrics combine aesthetic appeal with optimal functionality.  Apollo is offered in 21 colours and Apollo Blackout 28 colours which encapsulate vibrancy alongside subtle tones.

Clic SURFACE blinds are available in the full 25mm Paradise aluminium venetian range to allow versatile light control. Clic SURFACE system blinds are the fastest product to install in the industry with no screws required and your blind made to exact sizes. Simply install your brackets and side profile and click your blind onto the window.

Our clic bead-fit system’s ultra slim design has been developed to fit perfectly onto any double-glazed window but is particularly suitable for bi-fold doors and tilt-and-turn windows. With clic, there is no need to measure the window’s bead depth as this system has been carefully engineered to fit all window frame depths with a single bracket type.

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